Welcome to the Greater Bluegrass Leonberger Club

The Greater Bluegrass Leonberger Club was founded to promote the Leonberger Breed and to encourage and organize activities and events for Leonberger enthusiasts and their dogs. We offer a variety of educational events to foster education regarding quality breeding and responsible dog ownership. We also host a number of sporting and training events such as designated specialties, scent work, dock diving, barn hunt, drafting, pack hikes, and more!

Our club region is within the boundaries bordered by a line from Evansville, IN to Indianapolis, IN to Cincinnati, OH to Huntington, WV to Chattanooga, TN to Memphis, TN and back to Evansville, IN.

To keep up to date on all of our upcoming events, visit our Facebook page! If you are already a club member you can visit us at our exclusive Members Only Facebook page.